Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Tufted Wreath

My hubby asked me where I was getting inspiration for the various wreaths I have been making lately and the only answer I could come up with was "I just make it up as I go." And it's true. I rarely have a plan in mind when I start on a wreath, but I get ideas as I go.

But I have been looking for more sources of inspiration this week and have loved seeing all the tufting projects on Pinterest lately. I love tufted furniture, though it's probably not practical when you have kids in the house who insist on eating on the furniture. So I decided to try to work some tufting onto a wreath instead.

First, I made some covered buttons, which was surprisingly easy and I think they are so cute and classy! I added batting to the wreath form, then fabric over the top. I hand-stitched some gathers in the fabric at regular intervals and added the colored buttons to simulate a tuft. A ribbon and some twist roses finished it off!

For a first try, I consider it a success and I already have another tufted wreath in the works to add to my Etsy inventory. The second will be much better since I learned from my mistakes (pleat as you go when wrapping the fabric). I love this green one so much I might just hang it on my front door.

(Linked on ColourQ)