Saturday, November 2, 2013

Applique Baptism Towel

My nephew is getting baptized a member of the LDS church today. In our church, kids can be baptized as members at age 8. In honor of the occasion, I made a personalized towel for him. Check it out:

As you can imagine, machine appliquéing all those little letters was time consuming. The CTR symbol was much easier. If you're going to attempt a project like this, here are a few tips:

  • Use a script font where the letters are interconnected. This may sound strangely specific, but my first attempt was a non-script font and my letters fell apart before I could get them sewn on! 
  • Cut your words into smaller segments. While it's good to have the interconnected letters, you don't want to try fusing a long word (like November) all at once. The reason for this is that the interfacing will not stay stuck for very long. Fuse 2-3 letters at a time, then hurry and stitch them on. I learned this the hard way, which is why "Andrews" on my nephew's towel ended up a little funny. I fused the entire word on and started stitching at the beginning. By the time I got to the "r," my remaining letters were loose.
  • Don't leave your letter cut-outs laying around where your toddler will find them. I had to re-do part of mine after cutting them out because my daughter got them and destroyed them.


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