Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I haven't been posting this week. I'd like to say it's because I'm busy (and I am), but it's really because I'm just drawing a blank! Every day, I gaze at my blog and try to think of something creative and crafty to write about... but I've got nothing! So instead, you're getting a jumble of randomness that is my life this week. Enjoy!

What I'm Working On.

Christina over at Pretty Distressed shared my Space Saving Ideas post on her blog earlier this week. Hop over to her blog and check it out! She's got some great stuff going on over there!

I'm going to be guest posting on A Peek Into My Paradise in a week or two. Here's a sneak peek at my project:

Oh yes, that's piping. But no, I won't tell you what it is yet. You'll just have to wait until the post goes live! (The suspense is killing you, I can tell.) But apparently this project has used up all my brain power, but it's probably because...

It's the Last Week of School.

Since we're on a year-round schedule, Eddie is in school until next week. This week he gets to dress up like an animal of his choice for the end-of-year program. He chose a bat, so I made him a fun little costume, but he won't pose for a photo in it. My inspiration came from Dana Made It. Hopefully he'll let me get a photo of him on the day of the program. Sometimes kids are difficult, which brings us to...

The Terrible Threes are Upon Us.

The 3-year old in our house has turned from a sweet and funny girl into a monster (still sweet sometimes, and occasionally still funny). I should've seen it coming, but I admit it that I was blinded by her cuteness. She wants to do everything herself, wants me to read her mind, and refuses to do normal things simply to spite me. Which is why she has not yet modeled the super-cute bandana skirt I made for her using the tutorial I found on DIY Candy. I even made a matching tie for Eddie, but since Violet refused to wear her new skirt on Sunday, I haven't been able to get a photo of the two of them looking festive and patriotic together. Maybe it'll happen this Sunday. Who knows?

It's Officially Summer.

And I finally conquered my anxiety about taking my kids to the pool by myself. We went yesterday and it was a lot more fun than I expected. We'd be there again today to beat the heat, but...

We're Stuck at Home Today.

Because my Violet isn't feeling so good. Not sure what she has yet. I think it's "my parents were planning to leave me with a sitter tomorrow to celebrate Daddy's birthday"-itis. Do anyone else's kids get sick every time they have plans? Mine frequently do, which is why I rarely plan things in advance. But it's not my fault...

It's This Guy's Birthday Tomorrow.

Hipster Batman, aka Dave, is turning 34 tomorrow. I have been working hard all week to arrange a sitter, get movie tickets, plan some s'more pie, and convince the children to make him a present (and keep it a secret). Now these plans might be foiled. Happy Birthday to Dave! And sorry if it doesn't turn out as we've hoped...

And that is my life this week! What are you up to?

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