Monday, August 11, 2014

Halloween Costume Tutorial Roundup

I am sorry to say that I am already thinking about Halloween costumes. I suppose that is what happens when you're making costumes for your kids. This year, I think my daughter will join the throngs of Queen Elsas, but my son is still undecided. Here are some tutorials for what I think will be some popular boy costumes this year:


Maybe it's just my kid, but it seems like ninjas are pretty cool these days. This simple, no-sew DIY is a great costume if you're looking for something quick and easy:

From Jenny @ The Southern Institute (posted on Andrea's Notebook)


Next to Queen Elsa, I think Legos might be the most popular thing for kids this year. There are a lot of Lego costume tutorials out there, but I think this one might be the most realistic looking one, which is why I chose it. Of course, it looks really complicated, too. This is specifically for a Lego Boba Fett costume, but I think it could be adapted to be any sort of Lego person:

From Art & Its Accoutrements
If you're looking for a much simpler Lego costume and your kid isn't set on being Emmet, check out this tutorial:

From Wine & Glue


I am thinking I need to have my son see the new How to Train Your Dragon movie so maybe he'll want to be a viking for Halloween. This viking costume is so clever and so awesome that I want a reason to make it:

From I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar


Of course, the movie might also make him want to be a dragon, which could be a fun costume to make and let's face it... these little dragons are super cute:

From Tried & True

Have you started thinking about Halloween yet? I'd love to hear what sort of costumes you'll be whipping up, so please share a comment!

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