Friday, September 13, 2013

Homemade Halloween Costumes - A Preview of Coming Attractions

Even though I don't like wearing costumes for Halloween, I love making fun costumes for my kids. This year, I have been so excited to make costumes, so I was a bit disappointed when Eddie declared he wants to be a skeleton. I did my best to convince him to be Jack Skellington instead of a plain old skeleton, but he could not be swayed. So, a skeleton he will be.

As for Violet, she is still too little to care very much. I thought up a few ideas of creative and unique costumes she could wear and eventually settled on the Backson (from Winnie the Pooh). Luckily, she was more easily persuaded than Eddie was.

I am about to begin the actual costume construction, and since I have the opportunity to guest post a costume tutorial on Blissful and Domestic two weeks before Halloween, I thought I'd give my readers a Preview of Coming Attractions!

For Eddie's skeleton, I've gotten him a black shirt and black pants, as well as some awesome glow-in-the-dark skeleton knee socks that I found at Target. I'm undecided on whether to use white felt for the bones or glow fabric paint. I know he would love to glow in the dark, so I'll probably end up painting his skeleton onto his clothes.

As for Violet's Backson, I found some purple velour pants at Wal-Mart, along with a turquoise shirt. I plan to add turquoise yarn to the torso since "the hide is like a shaggy rug." Then I will make a headband with horns and "a mop of hair that's red."

If you are unfamiliar with The Backson, here's the clip (right after a Little Mermaid commercial):

The Backson on Disney Video

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