Monday, April 15, 2013

DIY Banquette Seating

Our house is small and we are constantly looking for ways to incorporate storage into every possible space. We already built shelves into our garage, turned the storage closet into a craft room, and got rid of most of our superfluous stuff.

And yet, we still struggle with keeping our kitchen/dining room tidy. Every flat surface ends up covered with random stuff that has no other home. Then I started seeing banquette seating all over Pinterest. I think that a bench seat for the dining area could really help use our space better, what with the stationary seating for the kiddos, the additional storage under the bench, and the overall cuteness of it.

Here are some of the diy banquettes that I love:

{Ana White}                          {Cape 27}

{Casa de Lewis}                         {Krys Melo

{Suburban Urbanist}                   {This Old House}

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