Saturday, April 6, 2013

I'm Spending My Weekend...

...making ribbon flowers and watching LDS General Conference. That's right, folks, I'm a Mormon. And for Mormons everywhere, this weekend is a special one. We get to hear the words of the living prophet right in our own homes.

Of course, having small children makes listening to these words somewhat difficult. But we try our best. While we watched this morning's session, the kids drew pictures, played iPad games, and drove everyone crazy. And even though all the craziness made it difficult to hear, it was important to my husband and I that we had the TV on so that our kids could see Conference and in the hopes that maybe we'd be able to hear at least part of it.

While I attempt to listen, I try to be productive, too. Today I am sewing ruffly ribbon flowers to add to all my crafting projects. These flowers are super easy to do. Here's a little walk-through:

  • Cut a few inches of ribbon (the longer your ribbon, the more ruffly your flower will end up).
  • With a needle and thread, sew along one edge of the ribbon.
  • When you get to the end, hold the thread tight and pull the ribbon down the thread (toward your knot) as far as you can. It will curl itself.
  • Straighten it into a circle, then sew a stitch through both ends of the ribbon to join them. Tie it off.

There you have it. Yeah, I told you it was easy. I have been using different widths of ribbon to make different sizes, then stacking two or three on top of each other, sewing them together, then adding a cute pearl or rhinestone center to finish them off.

The best part: at the rate I'm going, I'll have 50+ flowers by the time General Conference ends tomorrow!

How are you spending your weekend?

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