Saturday, August 3, 2013

Etsy Shop Shameless Plug

Hey! Did you know I have a shop on Etsy? Well, I do, and you should check it out and tell everyone you know about it.

For a new semi-regular feature on my blog, I will be posting some of the items that are currently listed in my shop so everyone can see how awesome they are even if they don't click over to Etsy.

"Welcome Blue Moon" 14 Inch Wreath
"Denim Scallop" 12 Inch Wreath
"Hi There Warm Days" 12 Inch Wreath
Gold Swirls Quilted Stocking
"Hello Canary" 12 Inch Wreath
"Welcome Red Zippy" 12 Inch Wreath
"Happiness Overflows" Pride & Prejudice Stitched Lit
"Summer Spritz" 14 Inch Wreath
"Welcome Purple Glitz" 12 Inch Wreath

I am currently working on making and listing holiday items, so many of my summer items are on clearance. Come and check it out!

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