Monday, July 8, 2013

A Girl Can Dream

We have lived in our townhome for six years. This is the second-longest I have ever lived anywhere (including my first 18 years of life). I get really antsy, though. When we bought our home, we intended to stay for five years before upgrading. Of course, then the economy tanked, so we're still here with no signs of that changing soon.

While we really do love our townhome, there are several things that we dream of someday having. So I decided to share some of the details of my dream home (to view the source, click the image):

Craftsman with a big front porch, front not dominated by a garage.
A bright front door with windows in it.
Bold interior colors and architectural detail.
A bright modern kitchen with a window. I also love the grey cabinets.
A dedicated master bathroom with dual sinks. Modern design would be a plus.
Useable outdoor space with trees.
A fenced back yard with space to plant and room for kids to play.


  1. Beautiful ideas! We just built our house about a year ago. Now we're in the long process of getting the yard in.
    You left a comment on my quilt-along announcement post saying that you were interested. I just wanted to let you know that the first lesson is up, if you still want to quilt along.

  2. I love it too. We live in an old home and one of my favorite things about our neighborhood is that most of the homes have the garages on the back side of the house. From the street they aren't visible. It makes a difference right? I must admit, I also have a yellow front door so I was all over your choice for a statement entrance too. :D Things seem to be slowly turning around. That dream house, or some version of it, may be a reality much sooner than you think. Here's to positive thinking. :D Thanks for sharing on BeColorful


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